Scissor Lift|Underground Garage Scissor Car Lift

An underground garage scissor car lift is a mechanical device designed to elevate vehicles vertically within a confined space for storage or maintenance purposes. Once fully raised, vehicles can easily drive onto the lower platform. Users can then effortlessly maneuver their vehicle into a garage or choose to park it there as the platform descends. The upper platform seamlessly aligns with ground level, offering space for an additional vehicle or for personalized decoration. Notably, the travel height matches the distance between the two platforms, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.



Double Platform Scissor Car Lift

Loading Capacity

3000KG (Customized)

Lower platform

2800*5800 mm (Customized)

Upper platform

3000*6000 mm (Customized)

Available height

2000 – 3400mm (Customized)


Car mezzanine lift/ parking lift/ auto 4S store lift

  1. Dual-Car Parking: With the capacity to accommodate two cars, this lift maximizes the utilization of your garage space, optimizing storage and parking efficiency.
  2. Rapid Access: Facilitating quick and effortless retrieval of vehicles from underground parking, this lift streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.
  3. Remote Control: Remote control capabilities allow for convenient operation from various points, enabling far-end control and access from different floors, enhancing user flexibility.
  4. High Load Capacity: Engineered with a robust load capacity, this lift ensures safe and reliable performance, providing peace of mind for users and safeguarding vehicles during transit and storage.
Down Limit Switch
Lift Cylinder
Lift Hook
Lift Hose Valve
Pump Station
Removable Guardrail
Scissor Lift Control Box
Scissor Lift Control Panel


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