Hydraulic Lift and Tilt Tables

The Hydraulic Lift and Tilt Table offers precise control over lift and tilt functions, ensuring optimal positioning of containers and items. Equipped with the Universal Tilter Base (UTB), it enhances stability by counteracting shifting center of gravity during tilting. Its open-frame design and retractable hydraulics provide a low profile, saving space and enabling easy maneuverability in tight work areas. With a shorter yet wider stance, it maximizes stability while minimizing floor space usage.



Hydraulic Lift and Tilt Tables

Lifting Capacity

Up to 4000 lbs/1815kg

Platform Size

42″ x 42″/106cm x 106cm ( Can be customized)

Tilt Angle

30˚- 45˚

Mobility Options

Multiple types of powered and unpowered options.

Control Options

Multiple control options to suit any application.


Freight, Industrial, Material Handling


  1. Load Restraint Mechanisms: Includes a restraining chain and a 12″ high lip to securely keep the load in place during tilting, ensuring safe handling.
  2. Safety Enhancements: Incorporates various safety features such as an electric toe guard to protect workers from pinch points during table lowering, safety velocity fuses to halt travel in case of hydraulic pressure loss, and an upper limit switch to prevent over-extension, reducing motor wear and maintenance needs.
  3. Control Options: Provides convenient control with a 4 push-button hand pendant control on an 8-foot coil cord, enabling operators to manage the lift and tilt functions effectively from a distance.
  4. Tilt Options: Offers end tilt as standard functionality, with the option for side tilt, providing versatility to accommodate different loading requirements.
  5. Optional Accordion Skirting: Allows for additional customization with optional accordion skirting available for both the lifting and tilting portions of the table, providing further protection and containment, with inquiries directed to the manufacturer.

Aerospace Tooling

Army Defense Plant

Conveyor Application



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