Double Scissors|Multi-Stage Scissor Lift Table

The Double Scissors Multi-Stage Scissor Lift Table is purpose-built for high-travel applications requiring large platforms and heavy load capacities. With tubular steel legs ensuring maximum rigidity and minimal weight, this hydraulic lift table efficiently moves multiple pallets or sizable loads to elevated levels like mezzanines or upper floors. Its double scissor design enhances lifting capacity and vertical travel, making it ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities seeking a robust solution for material handling needs.



Double Scissors Multi-Stage Lift Table

Loading Capacity

2,000 – 12,000 lbs / 900kg- 5500kg (Customized)

Vertical Travel

36″ – 144″ (Customized)

Lowered Height

8.5″ – 25″ (Customized)

Raised Height

46.5″ – 165″ (Customized)

Platform Size

96″ x 136″ (Customized)


warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers

  1. High-Pressure Gear Pump: Equipped with a high-pressure gear pump for efficient hydraulic power delivery, ensuring smooth and reliable lifting operations even under heavy loads.

  2. Mechanical Upper Travel Stops: Incorporates mechanical upper travel stops to prevent over-extension, safeguarding against potential damage to the lift table and ensuring precise positioning at desired heights.

  3. Hydraulic Flow Limiter Valve: Includes a hydraulic flow limiter valve for controlled hydraulic fluid flow, allowing for optimized lifting speed and enhanced safety during ascent and descent.

  4. Smooth Steel Tops: Features smooth steel tops on the platform surface, providing a sturdy and durable surface for materials handling while minimizing friction and ensuring easy movement of loads.

  5. Tubular Steel Legs: Constructed with tubular steel legs to maximize rigidity while minimizing overall weight, enhancing stability and portability.

  6. Dual Scissor Mechanism: Utilizes a double scissor design to increase lifting capacity and extend vertical travel capabilities, ensuring efficient handling of heavy loads.

Down Limit Switch
Lift Cylinder
Lift Hook
Lift Hose Valve
Pump Station
Removable Guardrail
Scissor Lift Control Box
Scissor Lift Control Panel


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