4 Post Lift| Hydraulic Explosion-Proof Cargo Lift

The hydraulic explosion-proof cargo lift is designed with specific anti-explosion capabilities, driven by a hydraulic system, suitable for environments requiring explosion-proof measures. Its design aims to meet technical requirements such as resistance to high temperatures, dust, and corrosion, ensuring safe operation in potentially hazardous environments. This type of elevator incorporates explosion-proof components in key areas such as explosion-proof pump stations, control boxes, electrical components, junction boxes, and limit switches. Structurally similar to non-explosion-proof hydraulic freight elevators, it undergoes special treatment in areas prone to friction, impact, sparks, and high temperatures. Featuring a framework of manganese steel and side-mounted rails, it enhances overall stability and explosion-proof performance.



4 Post Lift| Hydraulic Explosion-proof Cargo Lift

Lifting Capacity


Platform Size Min.


Platform Size Max.


Lifting Height

3.2m – 8m

Pit Depth



Warehouses/Factories/Commercial Buildings

  1. Overflow valve: Prevents excessive system pressure during upward movement.

  2. Emergency manual valve: Allows the car to emergency descent to the nearest floor and open the door in case of power failure.

  3. Manual pump: Operates a manual pump to raise the car to the nearest floor in case of system failure.

  4. Pipeline rupture valve: Automatically cuts off the oil circuit to stop descent if the hydraulic system’s pipeline ruptures and the car starts descending uncontrollably.

  5. Oil tank temperature protection: Suspends elevator operation if the oil temperature exceeds the set standard, restarting only after the oil temperature decreases.

  6. Explosion-proof hydraulic pump station: Ensures safe hydraulic operation in potentially hazardous environments.

  7. Explosion-proof control box: Houses controls and safety mechanisms to prevent ignition in explosive atmospheres.

  8. Explosion-proof electrical components: Designed to operate safely in environments where flammable gases or dust may be present.

  9. Explosion-proof junction box: Safely contains electrical connections and prevents sparking in hazardous locations.

  10. Explosion-proof limit switches: Detects the elevator’s position and ensures safe operation without the risk of ignition.

Available Options

Enhanced Protection, Enhanced Performance! Our cargo lift solutions offer a plethora of customizable options to suit diverse needs. From mesh enclosures and floor meshes to ground installations for sites without pits, we’ve got you covered. Ensure added safety with features like roller shutter doors, electric locks, and motor cover boxes for pump stations and controls. With our comprehensive range of options, rest assured your cargo lift will not only perform exceptionally but also provide superior protection for both operators and goods.

Roller Shutter Door
Fully Mesh Cabin
Mesh Enclosure
Floor Mesh
Loading Ramp
Overload Warning Device
Video and Structure
Case Solutions


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