4 Post Lift| Fully-caged Cargo Lift

The Fully-caged Cargo Lift is specifically designed to address material handling challenges, featuring a fully enclosed steel mesh exterior that provides physical protection for both the goods inside and individuals outside. Equipped with landing doors similar to other cargo lifts, its distinctive feature lies in its enhanced safety with the fully enclosed cage. This cargo lift boasts a generous platform size or high capacity, capable of lifting vehicles or forklifts with a maximum weight capacity of 20 tons. This makes it an ideal choice for transporting heavy or specialized goods.



4 Post Lift| Mezzanine Goods Lift

Lifting Capacity


Platform Size Min.


Platform Size Max.


Lifting Height

3.2m – 8m

Pit Depth



Warehouses/Factories/Commercial Buildings


  1. Working Platform: Constructed with checkered steel plate for anti-skid properties, ensuring the safety of operators and goods during operation.

  2. Guide Rails: Made from high-quality Q235 or Q345 H-shaped steel, meeting national standards for precise dimensions, strength, straightness, and minimal welding deformations.

  3. Leaf Chains: Utilizes standard leaf chains 1234 or 1044, offering high strength, minimal stretch, extended service life, and reduced safety risks compared to other chains.

  4. Safety Wire Rope: Equipped with 4 safety wire ropes (diameter 8mm~12mm) to secure the platform in case of chain failure, preventing sudden drops and ensuring operator safety.

  5. Hydraulic Power Unit: Features a compact and lightweight design, yet provides high efficiency, working pressure, and reliability without leaks, ensuring smooth operation.

  6. Hydraulic Cylinder: Designed for heavy-duty performance with smooth operation, capable of handling heavy workloads with durable components and leak-free operation.

  7. Hydraulic Oil Pipe: Utilizes high-pressure pipes with double expanded metal protection, offering resistance to oil, water, and high pressure, along with wear resistance and tensile properties.

  8. Electromagnetic Anti-explosion Valve: Incorporates a mechanical explosion-proof design with an explosion-proof valve in the hydraulic system, ensuring that even if the tube breaks due to external forces, the platform remains secure to prevent sudden drops, enhancing overall safety.

Working Platform
Guide Rails
Leaf Chains
Safety Wire Rope
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Oil Pipe
Electromagnetic Anti-explosion Valve
Available Options

Enhanced Protection, Enhanced Performance! Our cargo lift solutions offer a plethora of customizable options to suit diverse needs. From mesh enclosures and floor meshes to ground installations for sites without pits, we’ve got you covered. Ensure added safety with features like roller shutter doors, electric locks, and motor cover boxes for pump stations and controls. With our comprehensive range of options, rest assured your cargo lift will not only perform exceptionally but also provide superior protection for both operators and goods.

Roller Shutter Door
Fully Mesh Cabin
Mesh Enclosure
Floor Mesh
Loading Ramp
Overload Warning Device
Video and Structure
Case Solutions


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