Quentin Lift’s Successful Deal with a Vietnamese Client for a Scissor Car Lift

Client’s Requirements:
The client required the installation of a car lift within a fixed shaft size. The shaft dimensions were fixed, and three types of products—guide rail, four-post, and scissor lifts—could meet the requirements. Due to Quentin Lift’s mature scissor lift technology and its advantage of occupying less space, the client preferred the scissor lift solution.

Why the Scissor Lift?
Quentin Lift’s scissor car lift, model SJG3.5-2.6, was chosen due to several key factors:
1. Technical Maturity: Quentin Lift’s scissor lift technology is well-established and reliable.
2. Space Efficiency: The scissor lift design optimizes the use of space within the shaft, a crucial factor given the fixed dimensions.
3. Proven Track Record: A successful installation case in Melbourne, Australia, provided compelling evidence of the product’s efficacy and reliability.

Installation and Outcome:
The installation process was smooth, leveraging the mature technology and experience of Quentin Lift. The scissor car lift was installed within the fixed shaft dimensions, meeting all the specified requirements. The lift operates efficiently, with a lifting height of 2600mm and a speed of 2-3 meters per minute, capable of handling loads up to 3500kg.

Client Satisfaction:
The Vietnamese client was highly satisfied with the outcome. The scissor lift not only met all the functional requirements but also maximized the use of space within the fixed shaft. The inclusion of 2 bars on both sides of the lift added an extra layer of safety and stability.

This successful case exemplifies Quentin Lift’s ability to deliver customized lifting solutions that meet specific client needs. The combination of advanced technology, efficient space utilization, and a strong track record of successful installations positions Quentin Lift as a leader in the scissor lift market. The positive feedback from the Vietnamese client reinforces the company’s reputation for providing high-quality, reliable lifting solutions tailored to client specifications.

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