Breaking Boundaries: Quentin-Lift Delivers a Game-Changing 50-ton Hydraulic Tilter to Zoomlion

Customer Overview:
Zoomlion is a renowned heavyweight machinery manufacturing company, esteemed for its cutting-edge technology and high-quality products. As one of the leading global construction machinery manufacturers, Zoomlion’s products find wide applications across various engineering fields.

Zoomlion required a reliable and efficient flip platform for testing large-scale machinery. This necessitated the platform to possess ample load-bearing capacity, stability, and flexibility to ensure the accuracy and safety of the tests.

Quentin-Lift collaborated with Zoomlion and successfully delivered a custom 50-ton Hydraulic Tilter. This platform was crafted using advanced techniques and high-strength materials to ensure its stability and durability. Additionally, the platform design accommodated various testing requirements, offering flexible functionality and user-friendly interfaces.

Through this collaboration, Quentin-Lift successfully delivered the custom 50-ton Hydraulic Tilter to Zoomlion. This platform not only met Zoomlion’s requirements for testing equipment but also provided reliable support for their large-scale machinery testing needs. This collaboration not only enhanced the partnership between the two entities but also further solidified Zoomlion’s leading position within the industry.

The collaboration between Quentin-Lift and Zoomlion exemplifies their professional capabilities and innovative spirit within the heavyweight machinery sector. Through customized solutions, both parties achieved project objectives, offering customers high-quality products and services. This successful partnership not only drives the development of both companies but also contributes to the advancement of the industry as a whole.

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