Quentin Lift Successfully Delivers 400T Scissor Lift Platform & 300T AGV Platform for Steel Billet Transfer

Customer Overview:
Quentin Lift, a leading provider of innovative material handling solutions, was approached by a prominent steel manufacturing company seeking efficient solutions for transferring heavy steel billets within their facility. The client emphasized the need for robust equipment capable of handling substantial loads while ensuring safety, reliability, and seamless integration into their existing operations.


The client faced several challenges in their steel billet transfer process, including:
Handling heavy loads: The client needed equipment capable of lifting and transporting steel billets weighing up to 400 tons.
Operational efficiency: The client sought to optimize material handling processes to enhance productivity and reduce downtime.
Safety requirements: Safety was paramount due to the heavy loads involved, necessitating robust safety features to prevent accidents and injuries.
Integration: The new equipment needed to seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing production systems and workflows.


Quentin Lift proposed a comprehensive solution consisting of a 400T Scissor Lift Platform and a 300T AGV Platform tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. The solution offered the following key features and benefits:
High Load Capacity: The 400T Scissor Lift Platform was designed to effortlessly lift and maneuver steel billets weighing up to 400 tons, ensuring efficient material handling.
Advanced Automation: The 300T AGV Platform featured state-of-the-art automated guidance systems, enabling autonomous navigation within the facility, thereby optimizing material transport efficiency.
Customization: Both platforms were customized to meet the client’s exact specifications, including platform dimensions, lifting heights, and AGV route configurations, ensuring compatibility with their unique industrial setup.
Safety Features: Comprehensive safety features such as emergency stop mechanisms, overload protection, and obstacle detection systems were integrated into both platforms to ensure safe operations at all times.
Integration Capabilities: The platforms were seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing production systems, allowing for smooth workflow transitions and minimal disruption to operations.
Durability and Reliability: Constructed from high-quality materials and components, both platforms were built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal downtime.


Quentin Lift’s successful delivery of the 400T Scissor Lift Platform and 300T AGV Platform exemplifies its commitment to providing innovative material handling solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. By leveraging advanced technology, customization capabilities, and a focus on safety and reliability, Quentin Lift continues to drive efficiency and productivity in industrial settings worldwide.

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